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Ubert Topline RT403S, Pass Thru "Hot air" electric rotisserie - 3 spits

3 fork spits - 12/15 (30kg) bird capacity - manual controls - Black finish 

Dims; 800w x 630d x 865h. 

Power - 230v 16amp

Glass door both sides

Image shows large RT406 model

Retail Price:
£4,919.82 (Ex VAT)
800w x 630d x 865h (includes feet)
Power Requirements:
Electric - 3.5kw 230v (16amp)

2 years warranty on parts and 1 year on labour

  • Detailed Description

The Ubert RT403S is a compact electric rotisserie ideal for Smaller convenience stors, Garage forecourts, Restauarnts etc. The rotisserie is fitted with the latest Ubert "Grilling technology" combining both convected heat and quartz grilling lamp to give a "crispy" browned finish to chickens and roast. The rotisserie is supplied with 3 fork spits as standard ideal for grilling whole birds, but a range of basket options are available allowing other types of products to be cooked - roasts, pies etc.,


  • Compact size - makes it ideal for counter top siting
  • Easy to use manual controls - with 3 settings Cooking, Warm holding mode, Loading/Unloading
  • Capacity - 12-15 birds or 30kg grilled products 
  • Grilling technologgy - Convected heat and Quartz grilling light produces chicken that are tender and juicy on the inside whilst crispy on the outside 
  • Grilling booster - by the simple touch of a button you can increase the grilling time giving the product a darker brown finish
  • Manual timer 0 - 120 minutes
  • Double pane glass door - cool to touch, fitted with lock
  • Fitted with interior light
  • Easy to clean - removeable grease tray, disc, rotor assembly, drip pans and spits all removable without the need of tools
  • Black laminated glass finish to doors - enamelled black finish to metal surfaces
  • Options available - Ambient and heated base units, 
  • Please ring office for other spit options