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Anets AEH14F-D Single tank Electric fryer with inbuilt filtration - 22Ltr- Digital controls

Heavy duty 22 Ltr high output fryer with tilting elements for easy cleaning

Fitted with seperate timers for each basket - Programmable with 4 menu keys each basket

Dims; 397w x 900d x 865h (working height) - Frying area; 356w x 363d.

Retail Price:
£6,822.72 (Ex VAT)
397w x 900d x 900h
Power Requirements:
Electric; 17kw - 415v (3 phase - 32amp)

2 years warranty on parts and 1 year on labour

  • Detailed Description

 This Anet AEH14 High output electric fryer has inbuilt filtration, which can increase the oil life by double, saving you on oil costs and disposal costs it also has tilting elements allowing easy cleaning of the frying tank. It is high output with single tank, and is suplied with 2 baskets, each basket has its own timer with 4 menu settings, allowing easy operator use. This fryer can be banked together to a maximum of 6.


  • Heavy duty High powered fryer - 17kw
  • Fast recovery - Incoloy flat type heating element gives fast heat recovery and durability
  • Easy clean - Heating elements tilt upwards allowing easy access for cleaning of the frying tank
  • 22 litre tank capacity
  • Supplied with 2 baskets - each having it own timer
  • Heavy duty baskets - each will hold 5 lbs of fries or 12 ilbs of mixed chicken pieces per load
  • User friendly digital controls - Highly accurate +/-1'C temperature control allows increased fryer output, include 4 programmable timers per tank with audible alarm, melt cycle and boil out capability
  • Large 1-1/4" drain valve in fryer tank allows fast clog free draining
  • Large 3" drain manifold and spout provides fast draining for faster turn around times - it is fitted with an internal strainer to prevent pump clogs 
  • Increased oil life - The inbuilt filtration system is easy to use and only takes 5 minutes to clean the oil if used correctly a 50% saving in oil costs can be achieved - one filtration unit can be used for upto 5 banked fryers.
  • Self aligning removable drainer tank - no castors needed
  • Fryer tank is constructed out of 304 stainless steel - easy to clean and durable
  • Can be Multiplexed upto 6 fryers either AEH14-D, AEH14/2-D or AEH184 models
  • Options - Castors and automatic basket lift